Case Study: iGaming

Interim Director: International

The Issue

A UK plc, with a small international presence in European regulated markets, anticipated growth opportunities resulting from regulation in historically unregulated markets. A top-level international growth model had been developed, but the executive team recognised the organisation lacked experience in regulating markets and knowledge of the global international landscape. An international business unit existed, with restricted international perspective. The executive aspiration was to grow internationally, but the business lacked a structured and methodical approach, and struggled to define the profile of talent required.

The Solution

Marden was requested to propose a solution that considered client requirements, existing resources, risk and talent availability. Several options were identified. It was agreed to work in conjunction with a specialist consultancy to initially conduct a global markets review, ‘what if’ analysis, and potential road map. It was agreed that Marden would undertake a parallel search for both an interim Director of International and a permanent Director of International with global markets experience and a deep understanding of market entry and growth options. The search would be undertaken within the timeframe recommended by the external consultancy, whose findings would influence whether to opt for a permanent or interim hire.   

Based on extensive knowledge of the potential but limited candidate pool, Interim and Permanent candidates were quickly identified and engaged. These were validated and prioritised against the external consultancy’s findings and introduced within twenty-five days of initial brief. The ideal profile became an Interim Director of International, available immediately, and in principle prepared to revert to permanent employment status at some point in the next twelve months. The candidate meeting the client requirement was secured and commenced engagement fourteen days after final interview. The candidate is a European national with significant experience of regulated, regulating and unregulated markets.

The Outcome

The Interim Director quickly developed an effective relationship with key stakeholders across the organisation working initially alongside the incumbent Director of International. As a broader international strategy developed, the structure of the business changed, and the Interim Director assumed leadership responsibility in a permanent capacity as a member of the Senior Management Team, reporting to the CEO.  The international portfolio of the client business has grown significantly, now representing the fastest growing component of the business mix.

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