Case Study: Omni-Channel Gaming

Interim Chief Operating Officer: International

The Issue

A UK plc had built a portfolio of international gaming businesses, some land based and some online only, and some operating in one country only whilst others were multi country. These businesses offered some common products, but also products distinct to each business. The client objective was to develop a multi country/multi product strategy which maximised synergies across the businesses. Some work had been completed but this was not viewed as significant and the organisation was dealing with multiple priorities which were stretching the senior leadership team.

The Solution

Marden was instructed to find a solution that considered client requirements, existing resources, risk and talent availability. Several options were identified, and it was agreed to deploy a C level interim experienced in both international and corporate business development; fluent in the languages of the concerned markets; living in the major market within the cluster; and available on a flexible engagement model depending on the evolution of the project and implementation. 

Based on extensive knowledge of the potential but limited candidate pool, an Interim COO was identified and introduced within five days and commenced in the role within three weeks of introduction. The candidate is a European national living in the core country within the geographic cluster of businesses. The individual is fluent in 6 languages, experienced in top tier strategy consultancy and possesses 20 years international on line/ bricks & mortar gaming experience, specialising in market entry, growth, restructuring and omni-channel execution.

The Outcome

The Interim COO quickly developed an outstanding relationship with key stakeholders across the organisation and established an internal team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. He defined and obtained executive endorsement to a future strategy within thirty days. At the time of writing, execution has commenced.

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