Case Study: iGaming

Interim Chief Operations Officer: US

The Issue

A UK plc sought international growth in the context of its dominant home market facing decline following regulatory change. The organisation had already embarked on a journey of transformation allied with significant restructuring. Consequently, existing resources were stretched and dealing with multiple parallel initiatives. The US market was identified as a potential ‘game changer’, if expected regulatory change became a reality.

The UK plc decided to become ready for rapid execution following regulatory change in the US, which at the time was identified to be six to nine months in the future. The organisation did not want to divert resource critical to maintaining and transforming the base business but sought early mover advantage and the rapid launch of an online offering.

The Solution

Marden was instructed to find a solution that considered client requirements, the planned deployment of external consultants, risk and talent availability. A range of options were identified, which took into account the complexity of US Immigration requirements. It was decided to secure an existing executive with intimate organisational relationships and knowledge from the parent organisation to lead as CEO, supported by an outstanding Interim COO, experienced in market entry and growth, who held a Green Card, and had consulting experience which could help the management of external consultants deployed in the project.

Based on extensive knowledge of the potential but limited candidate pool, an Interim COO was identified and introduced within five days and commenced in the role within one week of contract finalisation. The candidate is a European national living in Europe; educated in the US; a Green Card holder; experienced in top tier strategy consultancies; and experienced in on-line gaming market entry and growth.

The Outcome

The COO quickly developed an outstanding relationship with key stakeholders across the organisation and established an internal executive team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities. He set about mobilising a future organisation and recruited the team ready for launch.

The intended legislative change occurred in May 2018, six months after initial client brief to Marden and earlier than initially expected. The client’s online US business went live and was one of the first movers in what is potentially the largest single iGaming market worldwide.

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